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EGR Foundation's Impact

Our Foundation is proud to have played a leading role in helping to achieve the following:

  1. Create Awareness towards horrific blight of DVA
    Awareness or a lack of it was a key driver in Ellen's being killed by her husband.
    Awareness and knowledge of DVA helps Victims, their Families, Friends and Colleagues understand the signs & symptoms of DVA and reach out to those in need. Greater Awareness positions all of us to understand what can be done, how one can safely move forward and access the support necessary to find a way out.
  2. Helping Women In Need
    We continue to help many Women in need to better understand their situation, access national and local resources available to them and assist them to begin a New Life.
  3. Supporting Other DVA Organizations
    Our Foundation has contributed to other outstanding DVA Organizations through Public Speaking for Awareness, Fundraising Events, Strategy Development and Financial Support.
  4. Victim Rights
    The EGR Foundation has also supported the development of significant Legislation supporting Victims & Victim Family Rights.

These efforts have advanced our broad and united mission of attacking DVA with the same vengeance and force that it presently reigns down on 25% of all Women & their Families within each community and across the nation.

Noteworthy Efforts
The Foundation's efforts can are exemplified by a number of initiatives as seen below:

Legislation for Victims Rights

Victim Rights Advocacy

The Decision

Meeting with Parole Board

Parole Board Meeting Secured

Developing Public Outrage

Chronology of Events