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Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) is a horrific, national blight. Our mission is to create critical Awareness and provide the necessary Resources so that turn the tragedy of Ellen's death into a triumph for others.

Every person has Every Great Reason to live, truly be alive and lead a wonderful life. 

Every person has the right and opportunity to make a change, start over, and begin life again – particularly when they find themselves in a hopeless relationship situation,

The Every Great Reason Foundation provides an avenue for women who are seemingly shackled to courageously move forward with their lives.

Our charter is to create awareness about Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA), to help provide resources and support to other DVA organizations and to help women and their families with access to support, counseling, shelter, and necessary resources - so that they are empowered - with the realization and capabilities that they have Every Great Reason to begin a New Life.